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8:00 & 10:30 am Eucharist
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3225 East
Minnehaha Pkwy
Minneapolis, MN
612) 724-3425

Welcome to The Episcopal Church of St. James on the Parkway!Pictures of St. james

Here's what you can expect to find:

People marked by warm hospitality and strong friendships. In St. James, 75 years young and still growing, you see a exness app of singles and families, elders and infants, shapes and sizes and ideologies across the spectrum. All are welcome as we celebrate the Good News of God in Jesus Christ, conform ourselves ever more closely to the mind of Christ, and help to bring about the reign of God in our time.

Worship that is centered in the Eucharist; is designed to exness trader apk the collective and corporate, not the individual; is sensual, engaging, and compelling; stirs us to action and reflection; and is open, inclusive, and welcoming to all who seek a relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

Christian formation designed to help the Church be the family of God's community that nurtures its members in the Gospel story, which explains our understanding of the world, our identity in it, and the way of life we are to lead in it. This is an on-going, lifelong pursuit,

Service as a necessary dimension of Christian life for members of all ages. There are opportunities for service to each other, to the parish, and to the neighborhood and wider community. is to emphasize service given in and through our corporate efforts while valuing and acknowledging individual service endeavors.

Liturgical, liberal, loving. St. James is a community growing in Christ, called to worship, learn, and serve. Won't you join us?